4mm thick stainless steel plate price per kg

  • MY BIZ: Government limits pulse stocks as price nears?Rs 200 per kg

    With the price of pulses soaring close to the Rs 200 per kg mark, the Government imposed limits on the stocks of the commodity for food processors, importers, exporters and big retailers.

  • EU widens steel-trade protection with Russia, China tariffs

    Russian and Chinese makers of non-stainless steels face European Union tariffs as high as 26.2 per cent after the EU found that imports from the two countries unfairly undercut producers in Europe such as ArcelorMittal and ThyssenKrupp AG.

  • The great onion rip-off: How traders charge Delhi shoppers 300% above wholesale costs for the kitchen staple

    The price manipulation of onions has created an astonishing 300 per cent price gap between the wholesale rate of about Rs 6-10 a kg, and the figure of Rs 20-25 per kg at which they are sold by retailers.

  • Save a massive £60 on Dihl Stainless Steel Sensor Bin

    Perfect for in the kitchen, this stylish Dihl Stainless Steel Sensor Bin allows for hands-free and hygienic use. Click here to get yours now.

  • Panasonic Stainless Steel and Glass Toaster for $70 + free shipping

    Panasonic Stainless Steel/Glass Toaster $70

  • Modest but notable insider buying at Tree Island Steel

    Share price of the producer of steel wire and wire products rose about 75 per cent in the past year

  • Are stainless steel appliances still fashionable?

    The question

  • AAP's cheap onions go AWOL as ration shops say they've had none for 10 days

    People forming long queues at fair price shops across the city have to return empty-handed or are forced to purchase onion at Rs 60-70 per kg in the open market.

  • Essar Steel Algoma has hired restructuring advisers, sources say

    Price of steel in North America has fallen by more than 33 per cent in the past year

  • A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England

    A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England.At the reprocessing plant, a leak in the process was spotted on April 19. The leak did not cause danger to people or the environment but it disturbed the normal