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  • Amazon: Soft Flex Wire 49-Strand .019" Diameter 30ft/Pkg

    Soft Flex Wire 21-Strand, 0.014-Inch Diameter, Satin Silver This wire is made ofmultiple strands of stainless steel for strength and a nylon coating I learned thehard way, which is great for any of my customers, what beading wire not to use(50)

  • Amazon: Soft Flex Original .019" 100 ft. Satin Steel Beading Wire

    Soft Flex Beading Jewelry Wire This spool is stainless steel with a clear nyloncoating. The second photo shows color. The color is original satin silver.$47.50$38.47(27)

  • Ask Sara Bead Expert - Soft Flex Company

    What is the difference between Soft Flex? Wire and Soft Touch? Wire? softness and flexibility of pearl stringing threads yet has the strength of stainlesssteel. by operators to be more comfortable than the hard plastic used bycompetitors.

  • Original text - Soft Flex Company

    Soft Flex? Wire: Our original beading wire gives body and shape to a design.Soft Flex? Wire is constructed of either 21 or 49 micro woven, stainless steelwires,

  • Soft wire - The Stainless Steel Wire Shop

    Hard wire | Piano wire · Coils ? 0,10 to 0, Annealed Wire (Soft wire). AnnealedWire for maximum flexibility and strength. A kind of wire very soft (flexible).

  • Wire Rope - The Stainless Steel Wire Shop

    Stainless steel cable, High resistance. Suitable for suspension. Flexible cablereels DIN 3055 + EN 12385-4. Stainless steel rope for fittings, railing, design.

  • Miniature Cable - Loos & Co., Inc.

    Loos and Company manufactures miniature stainless steel cables in a variety ofsizes. 7x19 is the most flexible construction you can have in cable. Like the and durometers—which create a spectrum from hard and stiff to soft and spongy.

  • RAW 49 - Savage Gear

    Silk soft 49strand stainless steel wire, flexible knot-able, crimp-able. Perfect formaking traces, rigs etc. ? Stainless High Carbon Steel Wire ? 7×7 strands spun

  • BLOOD 49 - Savage Gear

    Ultra strong, soft and flexible 49 strand stainless steel wire, coated with a bloodred strong carbon copolymer, for superb abrasion resistance! ? Stainless High

  • Show me armoring options - Teledyne Storm Microwave - Flexible

    HARD ARMORED – No Polyolefin Jacket SOFT ARMORED The cable iscovered with a flexible wound helix of passivated stainless steel wire and a

  • Explain hardness of stainless steel to me?

    Oct 5, 2010 I have some stainless steel 316 that is 0.2mm thick. From one supplier it is quiteflexible and from another quite rigid. The temper in this case is a grading; soft,1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, full hard etc is to indicate the level of stiffness, hardness or .Hardness with Arc Spray Wire · Edson · 4, 1,976, 11-21-2014

  • Beading Wire - Let's Bead

    Soft Flex, Soft Touch, Craft Wire, Memory Wire, Sterling Silver and Gold SoftFlex? is a state-of-the-art bead stringing wire, constructed of either 21 or 49micro stainless steel wires . Most wire is available as dead-soft, half-hard, orhard.

  • Soft Annealed 302 Stainless Steel | Precision Steel Warehouse

    Low Carbon Steel Sheet · Strip Steel · Special Accuracy Strip · Shim Steel · FlatWire SOFT and DUCTILE - Type 302 (18/8 chrome-nickel) Stainless Steel Strip. drawn parts, flexible metal hose, household appliances, certain spinningoperations, We stock Type 302 in five different tempers - Soft to Full Hardinclusive.

  • Jewelry Making Article - Thread, Cord and Wire Information - Fire

    Jewelry-making thread tends to be pliable and soft, great for knotting, Nylon isan ideal stringing choice for hard, tough materials that could cause softer cords,. nylon-coated stainless steel Acculon beading wire is strong, flexible and ideal

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    Blue Hawk Brass Coarse Wire Brush. (1). Warner Carbon Wire Coarse WireBrush. (8). Blue Hawk Stainless Steel Coarse Wire Brush. (1). Warner Stainless

  • Specialist in craft wire, knitted craft wire, silver wire, enamelled

    1kg 0.8mm Soft Silver Plated Copper Wire NON TARN soft. 1kg 0.8mm Soft SilverPlated 500Gram 0.50mm Diameter 316 grade STAINLESS STEEL Wire.

  • Gooseneck Tubes | Hagitec

    Materials: Hard and soft steel wire rods. Stainless steel , Brass (Optional) .Material: Stainless steel (hard steel wire available on request)

  • Medical Braiding | New England Wire

    We excel at multiple-strand, fine wire stainless steel braids for flexible fiber optic our capabilities include 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 carrier braids in hard or soft

  • Conductor Materials | New England Wire

    Soft. Hard. NEWaloy 10. ETP Copper. 100% Min. 35,000 Nom. 60,000 Nom.10,000 Nom mechanically demanding applications, high flex or continuous flex, hard-drawn typically used (see Newaloy23). NEWaloy 14 Stainless Steel.

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    The flexible meshes made out of aluminium, galvanized wire and copper wire orstainless steel wire are only woven and therefore can be freely formed into