304 seamless stainless steel tube

  • Are stainless steel appliances still fashionable?

    The question

  • Indestructible ghost

    Artist Anya Gallaccio's "first permanent public work" sees her create a "ghost tree" from stainless steel.

  • Metallic glass 600 times stronger than steel will BOUNCE if its dropped

    Engineers at the University of South California and UC San Diego have created a new type of metallic glass that is 588 times more resistant to damage than stainless steel and can bounce when dropped.

  • For carillon player at Christ Cathedral, every chime's a charm

    It's a most inaccessible musical instrument. To play it, Melissa Weidner climbs 14 stories up a stainless-steel spire. Flexing her fingers inside gloves, she navigates seven switchback ladders before every performance, knowing one false step

  • Castletree sells Benefit home in Miramesa

    Castletree Homes - one of two Greater Houston Builders Association's (GHBA) Benefit Homes builder captains - has recently sold their Benefit Home in the community of Miramesa.Castletree constructed their 4540 Plan with materials donated by GHBA

  • 12 spring-cleaning hacks that will transform your home

    Experts have revealed 12 surprising household hacks to help you spring clean, from using olive oil to scrub stainless steel to washing your sponge in a microwave and using a lint roller on lampshades.

  • Woman with severe allergy wants Canadians to know about 'life-saving' accessory

    By now, Daphne Hendsbee is used to receiving curious inquiries about the stainless steel bracelet she wears. After all, she’s worn it every single day for the past 15 years.

  • Pitfalls to avoid when buying your first home

    The vintage dining room chandelier and stainless-steel appliances may catch your eye, but you can’t assume they come with the house.

  • Welcome to your virtual cell: could you survive solitary confinement?

    Based on former prisoners’ testimonies, our virtual reality prison, 6x9, replicates the experience in disturbing detailThere’s a thin mattress on a concrete platform bed, a stainless steel washbasin and toilet, a metal door with a slot for